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Essay on Film Tough Guise

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Matthew Mulugeta
  A) Sexualized violence has been a problem in our society for decades, and is a main topic here in the documentary tough guise. It is represented in today’s culture as another way men show their dominance over women and how women are once again diminished by society as lesser to men. TV and film portrays women as sex objects and whatever they do has some sort of sexual orientation involved witch is an idea made by men.

  B) Backlash is mans reaction to always having to act manly. In situations where men are suppose to show some sort of emotion; it is cut of by societies need to act manly and tough. They also think that by making people believe how manly they are will result in personal satisfaction and the satisfaction of others.

  C) In the documentary it stated how John Wayne, an iconic image of American culture and a rough tough manly character portrayed by the media, was actually a feminine pretty boy, changing his name to fit the character that America deems masculine.

  D) Howard stern was a radio show host who diminished women and made things that were never accepted by our culture ok and put that message into the heads of teens and adults alike. Things like putting women on his show telling then to do nasty things was what his show was about. Showing another way men have made our culture biased against women and there role in society.

  E) The film clearly stated how men are the most violent of the two genders and how the media covers it up to make people think that men are not the problem with the violent actions going on in the universe.

  F) Degenderizing crimes is a big problem we have in the media today. They try to shy away from the real problem in crime; almost all crime is caused my men. You never hear if men cause crime, but if it is a women who decides to cause a scene you will hear it world wide.

  G) Positive images of men showing emotion is only ok when portrayed by the media, otherwise men would...


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