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Financial Statements -Assignment 4.1

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Financial statements   -Assignment 4.1  

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1. Financial statements all have a goal. The cash flow statement does as well.

R1. Describe how the Statement of Cash Flows helps investors and creditors perform each of the following functions:
a. Predict future cash flows
b. Evaluate management decisions
c. Predict the ability to make debt payments to lenders and pay dividends to stockholders

2. Cash-flow items must be categorized into one of four categories.

R1. Answer the following questions about the Statement of Cash Flows:
a. List the categories of cash flows in order of presentation.
b. What is the “key reconciling figure” for the Statement of Cash Flows? Where do you get this figure?
c. What is the first dollar amount to report for the indirect method?

3. Triumph Corporation is preparing its Statement of Cash Flows by the indirect method. Triumph has the following items for you to consider in preparing the statement:

Identify each item as an

Operating activity—addition to net income (O+), or subtraction from net income (O–)
Investing activity—addition to cash flow (I+), or subtraction from cash flow (I–)
Financing activity—addition to cash flow (F+), or subtraction from cash flow(F–)
Activity that is not used to prepare the indirect cash-flow statement (N)
4. DVR Equipment, Inc., reported the following data for 2011:

Compute DVR’s net cash provided by operating activities—indirect method.

5. Street Cellular accountants have assembled the following data for the year ended June 30, 2012:

Prepare the operating activities section using the indirect method for Street Cellular’s Statement of Cash Flows for the year ended June 30, 2012.

6. Use the data in exercise 5 to complete this exercise.

Prepare Street Cellular’s Statement of Cash Flows using the...


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