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Crime Against Women

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Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies
Women & Law


Simran Bhullar
Mrs. Nidhi Mutreja


In India, equality before law and equality of status is more in books than in the Indian community. Women have been suppressed for ages, socially, religiously and physically. Men have been considered superior to women in all walks of life. The patriarchal mindset of the society is a negation of the promise of equality. Equality is a farfetched dream which many societies have bore through decades. The fight for the rights of women has been continuing since ages and it still continues.
As soon as a girl child is born in a family, the first reaction is disappointment. In some cases pre natal diagnostic is conducted to discover the sex of the fetus and if it turns out to be a female then it is destroyed as soon as possible. Her education is irrelevant, her dignity and character is a social issue, her life is controlled by her family, and she is a mere burden for all. Right from her birth till the time of her death, she lives a life of a daughter, a sister, a mother without a true identity of her own.
Education, media, social workers and protective laws have helped in arousing a consciousness among the society about the status of women but with the increase in the awareness about the same, there has been a sharp increase in crimes against women as well. Most of the crimes that are committed against women have become so institutionalized that they are condoned not only by the society and other institutions that are supposed to curb them but also by the victims themselves. The laws, courts, lawyers, police, all seem to be available for providing justice to the victim but when a woman seeks help of this justice-providing machinery, all she gets is failure, disappointment and harassment at the hands of the system. Even the fa
This research paper aims to focus on the various crimes against women and their...


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