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Bayside Inn

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Bayside Inn
Nichole Miller
Professor Diane August
February 6, 2016

In the case of the Bayside Inn, the crisis has already happened and now needs to rebuild their image. This has to take on a slightly different approach then if the issue was happening now. There are many different ways to rebuild a client base while restoring faith within a community.
As a spokesperson for a crisis response team, the first step would be to identify the stakeholders. These are broken down into two different groups internal and external. The groups for internal would include lower, middle and upper management, staff and owner/investors. The external are public services, media outlets, local businesses, regulars and critics.
After understanding the groups involved, I would start the necessary messages. The first to be sent would be to the upper management and owner/investors. This message would be a request for a meeting to cover the ideas for creating a new image for the company. The next would be to the middle and lower management to inform them that a meeting will be coming up soon and information will be coming to them shortly. The last of the first round of messages would go out to the staff letting them know before talk made it to them and to let them know if anyone was to ask questions, who to send them too. All external messages should wait tell after the first implements of a new plan. This would allow for time to make sure things are in motion and everyone is ready for the changes.
As for the changes, the first I would do is look into the records on health inspections. I would also schedule to have more done in one month increments. I would have this done for six months straight. This would help to show that the company has an outstanding record for cleanliness. I would change the rules back to the dress code for the dining hall. This was part of the lure for the higher class customers. Allow for changes in room rates but increase luxury...


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