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If People Are in Vocation, They Should Leave Their Mobile Phones at Home.

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If people are in vocation, they should leave their mobile phones at home.

  Among the various factors that affect people's holiday, some people think that people should leave their mobile phones at home, in order to truly enjoy a holiday, while others strongly oppose this view. Every person's opinion are not the same, so it is difficult to make a conclusion. But in my opinion, I agree with the opinion about people should take their mobile phone even if they are going to enjoy their vocation time for the following reasons.
  The first reason is that I think most of the time, the phone can make people’s life more convenient. It can solve many unexpected things that happened when you during your vocation. If you get lost in a big city, the mobile phone can help you to find the right way. If you can’t communicate with others people in a foreign country, the function of translation can also help you. And I think it has an essential function—communication. For example, when you lost in the jungle, it may save your life if the mobile phone has signal words. A phone call will be able to let the rescue team arrived who are better than you.
  The second reason is that, the mobile phone with lots of "high-end" skills can delight your trip more. Compared to bulky camera, mobile phone is more suitable for unprofessional to record the travel life. Nowadays there are some phone can even photograph as clear as those professional camera. Though everything has two sides. But you can try to change, you don’t like the boss give you a phone call and email when you go on a trip, you just change the number then the problem can be solved.
  In conclusion, with a mobile phone, your holiday won't be disturbed and it will give you more convenience and happiness.


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