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Peer Review

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Peer Review 3

To the Reviewer:
    ▪ Each answer on this sheet must be specific. That means that each answer should refer to specific page numbers and specific sentences on those pages. You must give detailed answers. Answers that are vague or unhelpful (i.e., “she analyzes quotes well”) will be considered incomplete.
    ▪ DO NOT BE NICE. Peer review does not work when you tell your classmate that his or her paper is clear and easy to understand. No one’s writing is perfect, and we all need revision. Do not hesitate to tell your classmate about strengths in her writing, but spend the bulk of your time identifying weaknesses in her papers and making suggestions for revision.
    ▪ Be respectful.

To the Writer:
    ▪ You must hand in your partner’s peer review sheet with your final draft on: Monday, March 21.
    ▪ You should use the comments you receive in peer review to rethink and revise your paper.

Look for it in the introduction, but also look for it throughout the body of the paper. Once you find the idea that the paper is developing, underline it. Now answer the following questions:

Were you able to locate a thesis in this paper? ______yes_________________

Where was it located?
    • last couple sentences on the first paragraph__(but actually, I love a sentence in her last paragraph to be the thesis statement)

Does your partner’s thesis develop over the course of the paper?   In other words, does the body of the paper seem to connect to the thesis, or are they unrelated?   Explain.

    • The first paragraph she seems like arguing the how psychological immune system helps people achieve goals in life

    • Second paragraph she argues for higher self-esteem is good for people and it can be gained through “emotional roller coaster”.

    • Last paragraph, she puts emphasize on experience and links with confidence gaining.

Is the thesis vague or specific? Can you ask a lot of questions about the thesis (why, what, or...


Express your owns thoughts and ideas on this essay by writing a grade and/or critique.

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