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Dbm 380 (Data Base Management) Entire Course – New

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DBM 380 (Data Base Management) Entire Course – NEW
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DBM 380 Week 1 DQ 1

Reflect on the textbook readings. Using the search strings listed in the Electronic Reserve Readings for Week one search for additional information on database systems. What information would your provide to an organization or your employer on why database systems should be used?
DBM 380 Week 1 DQ 2
What limitations have you or someone you know encountered in the past in using nonrelational structures (such as in a Microsoft® Excel® or Word file) to store data? What were the advantages?

DBM 380 Week 1 Individual Assignment DataBase Paper
Database Systems
A database can be defined at a shared, integrated computer structure the stores a collections of end user or meta data (Coronel & Morris, 2013).   Databases are very important in every organization.   Databases can be used to track various information form employee data to monthly sales.   Depending on the size of your organization,   can determine the best way to store you data.     Microsoft Access is wonderful program that is suitable for a small work environment.   Sometimes a Excel spreadsheet can meet you data storage needs.   But larger organization needs to consider using a database management system(DBMS).   A DBMS can be defined as a collection of programs that manse the database structure and controls access to the data stored in the database   (Coronel & Morris, 2013) .
DBM 380 Week 2 DQ 1

Think of a situation where null value should be allowed and a situation where it should not be allowed. What are the consequences of inappropriate null settings?
DBM 380 Week 2 DQ 2

Why it is necessary to choose appropriate data types for each data column?

DBM 380 Week 2 Individual Assignment Database Environment Paper


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