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Dbq Essay: Growth of Political Parties

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Over many years political parties have been flourishing and changing. In 1790 the thought of political parties was a new idea and frowned upon by our first president, George Washington. He thought they would divide our country and maybe start a civil war. What lead to the rise of these political parties was the different views on the government, how to interpret the Constitution, and whether to have a national bank.

The parties had different views on the government. In document two, Alexander Hamilton states that he thinks that James Madison and Thomas Jefferson are dangerous to the new government; that they have a “womanish attachment to France and a womanish resentment against Great Britain.” Jefferson, on the other hand, had a different view about Hamilton. Jefferson stated in document one that Hamilton was a monarchist and only wanted to help his wealthy friends. Jefferson also thought that the Federalists (Hamilton’s political party) were all aristocrats and monocrats as stated in document five.

The Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans also had different views about how to interpret the Constitution. The Federalists had a loose interpretation of the Constitution and thought it was flexible. That the amendments were more like guidelines than rules. The Democratic-Republicans however had a stricter interpretation of the Constitution. They thought that the amendments were the end all be all is all and that was that. This was one of the main reasons that political parties formed. Even though George Washington did oppose political parties, they still formed.

In George Washington’s Farewell Address, he stated in document four that political parties would split the country and cause outrageous rebellion.Even centuries later not one person has followed this warning because still today we have political parties some that are centuries old, others barely years old, and even new ones created every four years.

In conclusion, although George Washington...


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