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Pcn 505 State Credentialing Board Research Project

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PCN 505 State Credentialing Board Research Project

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State Credentialing Board Research Project Instructions
Directions: The purpose of this project is to help you become familiar with the credentialing and regulatory processes that will govern your practice as a counselor.
In order to complete this project, you will need to select a state to use as the basis for your research. You should select either the state in which you currently reside or the state in which you plan to practice.
Information regarding credentialing in the state you have selected can be gathered in one or more of the following ways. (These are options. You are not required to do all three of these.)
1. (Preferred) Reviewing the content of the state credentialing board website.
2. Attending a public meeting of the state credentialing board.
3. Interviewing a member of the state credentialing board.
Note: Please do not contact the board to get this information as most likely they will not get back to you in time to complete this assignment.
State Credentialing Board Research Project Paper
Using the information you gathered, write a 1,250-1,500-word paper on your state credentialing board. Include the following in your paper:
1. Identifying information about the state board (name, location, etc.)
2. Mission of the state board
3. Regulatory authority and scope (cite the statutes and rules that govern the board’s activities, describe the discipline(s) regulated by the board, and describe the scope of the board’s authority to regulate professional practice)
4. State board/committee structures through which the board performs its functions (committee names and responsibilities, frequency of meetings, topics included on board/committee agendas, and composition of board and committees)
5. Summary of the requirements for licensure or certification in the state
6. Description of the...


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