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Grand Canyon Bus 352 Full Course

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Grand Canyon BUS 352 Full Course

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All Discussions And ALL Assignments
MOD 1 DQ 1
The media often attempts to predict the outcome of national elections. Why are they often wrong? Based on the concepts presented in this module’s readings, how could the system be improved?
MOD 1 DQ 2
In conducting a survey, what do you think is even more important than the size of the sample? Why?
MOD 2 DQ 1
Referring to Chapter 2 Excel Guide, EG2, Section EG2.5 in the text, create a histogram on some sample data using Microsoft Excel. Post your file to the Discussion Forum in response to this DQ. What are some specific challenges related to creating a histogram in Microsoft Excel?
MOD 2 DQ 2
What ethical issues should you consider when creating a graph of data?
MOD 3 DQ 1
Assume the financing gurus of a weekend investment television program predicted a 50% chance of XYZ stock gaining in January and a 50% chance of gaining in February. Your financial advisor sees this and tells you there is a 100% chance XYZ stock will gain over the 2-month period. Would you continue to use this financial advisor? Explain.
MOD 3 DQ 2
Marie claims she can predict the sex of pregnant women’s babies. She sees 1,000 women a year, and she always predicts a female. She charges $1,000 for a prediction, and she always predicts a female (although clients do not know that). When she is wrong, she offers a double-your-money back guarantee. Since the chance of having a female is approximately 50%, how can she earn any money?
MOD 4 DQ 1
Provide some examples of discrete and continuous variables. What attributes of these variables make them discrete and continuous? Why?
MOD 4 DQ 2
Describe the term mutually exclusive. Provide some examples. Must the values of x in a discrete...


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