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Grand Canyon Jus 110 Entire Course

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GRAND CANYON JUS 110 Entire Course

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All Discussions And All Assignments Except Quiz

MOD 1 DQ 1
Adolescents are at a high risk of being physically and sexually abused. What social and psychological factors contribute to this phenomenon?
MOD 1 DQ 2
How would a criminologist explain gender differences in the crime rate? What type of research would be used to formulate this explanation?
MOD 2 DQ 1
What types of crimes might be more susceptible to trait theory explanations such as hormonal influences? Why?
MOD 2 DQ 2
Should people with mental illness be imprisoned for committing a crime? Explain.
MOD 3 DQ 1
Imagine that you live in a community of disorganization, poverty, and crime where there is little attachment and very little communication between you and your neighbors. Your surrounding environment disturbs you, but you cannot afford to leave. As an individual, what can you do to mobilize members of your community to get them involved in order to develop a sense of attachment?
MOD 3 DQ 2
Do all people have the same potential to commit crime? Explain your answer.
MOD 4 DQ 1
As a critical criminologist who believes that crime is the result of capitalism, how would you propose to reform the current justice system to lessen the effect capitalism has on crime?
MOD 4 DQ 2
Explain the difference between instrumental critical theory and structural critical theory. Which do you agree most with, and why?
Can the latent trait theory of crime be used to build arguments connecting race and crime? Why or why not?
MOD 5 DQ 2
What difference exists between life course and latent trait theories of crime?
MOD 6 DQ 1
How does the motivation of a serial killer differ from that of a terrorist?
MOD 6 DQ 2
Should different types...


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