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Bus 599 Project Deliverable 2

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BUS 599 Project Deliverable 2

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BUS 599 Week 4 Project Deliverable 2
Project Deliverable 2: Marketing Plan
Due Week 4 and worth 100 points
This assignment consists of two (2) sections: a marketing plan and sales strategy, and a marketing budget. Note: You must submit both sections as separate files for the completion of this assignment.
For the first six (6) months your company is in business—to give you time to perfect your product and to learn from actual customers—you will start marketing and selling in your own community, a radius of twenty¬five (25) miles from where you live.
For most non¬alcoholic beverages, marketing (as opposed to the actual product itself) is key to success. Cola drinks, for example, are fairly undifferentiated, as are many energy drinks, juices, bottled water, and the like. Companies producing these types of beverages differentiate themselves and attract market share through marketing and brand awareness—both of which are critical to success.
Section 1: Marketing Plan & Sales Strategy (MS Word or equivalent)
Write the three to five (3¬5) page Marketing Plan & Sales Strategy section of your business plan, in which you:
1. Define your company’s target market.
a. Analyze the types of consumers who will be drinking your beverage in demographic terms 
(i.e., age, education level, income, gender, ethnic group, etc.). Support your analysis with actual data on the size of the demographic groups in your local community (nearby zip codes).
b. Outline the demographic information for your company specified on the worksheet in the course text (p. 107 | Demographic Description). 
Hints: At American FactFinder (http://census.gov), you will find demographic information on potential consumers in your area. If you are selling...


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