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Bus 599 Project Deliverable 3

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BUS 599 Project Deliverable 3

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BUS 599 Week 6 Project Deliverable 3
Project Deliverable 3: Ethics & Social Responsibility Plan
Due in Week 6 and worth 100 points
Read Chapter 14 of the course text: Successful Business Plan. When completing this assignment, refer to the sample social responsibility plan preparation form on pp. 261-262 and the sample business plan on pp. 263¬264.
Write the three to five (3¬5) page ethics and social responsibility section of your business plan, in which you:
1. Describe the ways in which your company is committed to being a good corporate citizen. Hints: Consider the following areas: 
Creating jobs
Following the laws of every jurisdiction in which your company operates Fair and honest treatment of employees
Non¬discrimination of employees and increasing diversity of your work force 
Hints: If your company is designed as a social venture—in which you have a primary purpose of achieving a social or environmental goal—describe what that goal is and what aspects of your company are designed to reach that goal. Provide a rationale for why you have or why you have not chosen this to be a social venture.
2. Discuss how your company’s activities will affect the environment and identify the steps you will take to mitigate any negative impacts. 
Hints: As a beverage company, consider such issues as your choice of packaging, disposal of bottles / packages by consumers, and your use of resources, such as water in areas where water may be scarce.
3. Determine any health issues / claims related to the product you are making, whether negative or positive. Suggest the strategy your company will use to mitigate any negative issues, and to ensure any positive claims are true.
4. Many beverage products have negative health impacts...


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