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Fitness and Wellness Electronic Products Leads Market of Wearable Technology in Europe

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The American cities are just about to warm up to using wearable technology on an everyday basis. European consumers, on the other hand, are playing it a lot cooler when it comes to adapting to wearable technology.

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Also known as wearables, fashion electronics, or wearable devices, the different types of wearable technology that we are about to see in the market are poised to make a big difference. Most of the goods in the wearable technology market are built with either practicality or aesthetics in mind, or even a mixture of both. The earliest known example of wearable technology was the calculator watch of the 1980s. Visionaries have since attempted to perfect the use of technology into shapes and forms that are not only mobile, but also involve ubiquitous computing. Most science fiction movies portray the use of hidden gadgetry in espionage situations such as a microphone in a ring or a tie. Currently, Twitter users can make the use of Pocket Tweet that simply let one “wear” a tweet of their choice. From the much-hyped Google Glass to the formation of the Wearable Technology in Healthcare Society, the wearable technology market is here to change the way we work.

There have been quite a few advancements in the European wearable technology market recently. The 2014 Wearable Technology Show held in London hosted a slew of products including the Google Glass and its European competitive counterpart, the Optinvent Ora. Both are glasses that use a transparent screen which is thrice as large in the case of the Optinvent Ora. The U.K. is also witnessing quite a few developments in the smart clothing sector. For instance, Intelligent Textiles, a U.K. based firm has created clothes that use electrically active woven fabrics. These clothes are intended for a range of uses from commercial to defense fields, including iPod connected garments, heated...


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