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George Washington

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Name: Justin Lannin-Roy
Grade: 7th
Date: February 3, 2013
Topic: George Washington

The person I had chosen for this project it George Washington. The reason I chose to do a project on George Washington is because he inspires me, and was a main part in the revolutionary war. He was one of the most brilliant and greatest generals at that time in my opinion. He was a tall man which at that time the taller you were the more prestige you had He was also the leader of the continental army, he fought in the French and Indian war and the revolutionary war and above all he never would give up on what he hopped accomplishing
For example The Winter at Valley Forge. After the victory at Saratoga a vital victory for the colonist if they didn’t they wouldn’t they would have had to surrender to the British and remain under the British rule. After such a wonderful victory it had boosted the colonist moral because they had gained the aid from the French, which were also a vital part of the revolutionary war because if they hadn’t joined in to fight the British they most certainly wouldn’t have won the revolutionary war. After the fight George Washington and his continental army headed towards the makeshift camp called Valley Forge. When they had arrived the it was the winter of 1777-1778. This was a bad thing because the continental army wasn’t equipped with enough clothes blankets or food. They were told they would have a couple months of food to survive on. But they later realized they were lied to because they had about 3 days of food which after those three days starvation started. The harsh winter brought frost bite which killed several people. And the other general’s in charge of the continental congress went home because they didn’t want to have to suffer through it. George Washington was the only one that hadn’t gone home to his family to food and warmth. In an effort to gain the trust of his soldiers.

Another example of this is when they had won the war by...


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