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Devry Laws 310 (the Legal Environment)Entire Course - Updated 2015

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DevRy LAWS 310 (The Legal Environment)Entire Course - Updated 2015

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Laws 310 Week 1 Assignment
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Laws 310 Week 2 Assignment
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Laws 310 Week 3 Assignment You Decide; Happy Birthday to You Copyright Law
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Laws 310 Week 4 Assignment; Burton vs. State College
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Laws 310 Week 5 Assignment; Gries Sport Enterprises V. Cleveland Browns
Laws 310 Week 5 Assignment; Ms Darcy Vs Big Car Company
Laws 310 Week 5 Quiz

Laws 310 Week 6 Research Project Paper; Stem Cell Legislation

Laws 310 Week 7 Simulation Environmental Nuisance Lawsuit

LAWS 310 Final Exam - Updated 2014

Question 1.1.(TCO 1) The court resolves disputes by (Points : 3)
making new laws to meet the situation.
asking the legislature to make a new law to meet the situation.
applying existing constitutional, statutory, and case law to the situation.
applying only existing case law or precedent to the situation.
None of the above

Question 2.2.(TCOs 3, 5, and 6) Punitive damages are also known as (Points : 3)
special damages.
medical damages.
personal damages.
exemplary damages.
extraordinary damages.

Question 3.3.(TCOs 3, 5, and 6) The Uniform Commercial Code controls (Points : 3)
contracts for the sale of goods.
contracts involving interstate commerce.
contracts involving banks.
contracts for the sale of real property.
None of the above

Question 4.4.(TCOs 10 & 11) If a defendant makes a claim against a co-defendant in federal court, it is known as a (Points : 3)
third-party action.
cross complaint.

Question 5.5.(TCOs 1 & 2) Crimes can be...


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