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Devry Nr 439 Complete Course

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DeVry NR 439 Complete Course
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A ssignments And Discussions

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Research (graded)
Give a brief definition of nursing research and evidenced-based research. Explain differences and similarities. Remember to use references.

Role of Research (graded)
Why should nurses incorporate research? What trends have created a push for nursing practice based on evidence? Remember to use references.

week 2

Describe a Significant Clinical Issue (graded)
Reflect on your practice and identify a significant clinical issue that you would like to search for evidence in online sources. This issue will be the basis for the Research Database Assignment that you will submit Week 4. Describe what makes your issue significant, for example, the seriousness, the number of people affected, the gaps in knowledge, and so forth. Remember to integrate references.

Formulate Searchable Clinical Questions (graded)
Read the assigned case study and formulate searchable, clinical questions in the PICO(T) format. There are several potential questions that could be asked. Identify if the focus of your question is assessment, etiology, treatment, or prognosis. Remember to integrate references.

week 3

Research Problems and Designs (graded)
Using your Significant Clinical Issue from Week 2, describe the knowledge gap that research could fill. Identify the PICO(T) elements that might be found in a research question related to the problem.

Share a Research Database Description (graded)
Review the guidelines, grading rubric, and brief video (link found in guidelines) that explain the Research Database Assignment due in Week 4. Search for one research database that is relevant to this assignment, and briefly describe the issue you...


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