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Psyc 406 Midterm Exam

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PSYC 406 Midterm Exam


Question 1 of 40
4.0 Points
According to the list of psychiatric disorders provided in the DSM-IV-TR PowerPoint material, a Mood Disorder is diagnosed on:
  B.Axis II  
C.Axis IV  
D.Axis VI  

Question 2 of 40
4.0 Points
The psychometric term 'reliability' refers to:
A.being consistent in your actions  
B.consistency of measurement  
C.dependability of a test  

Question 3 of 40
4.0 Points
The statistical concept of psychopathology holds that:
A.infrequently occurring behaviors in a society are normal  
B.frequently occurring behaviors in a society are considered normal.  
C.constructs of psychopathology are considered valid across cultures  
D.frequently occurring behaviors in a society might be considered abnormal  

Question 4 of 40
4.0 Points
The bio-medical model of psychopathology emphasizes the use of:
B.meridian tapping  
C.spinal tapping  
D.a classification system  

Question 5 of 40
4.0 Points
Schizophrenia is classified in the DSM-IV on:
A.Axis II  
B.Axis III  
C.Axis IV  
D.Axis I  

Question 6 of 40
4.0 Points
The psychometric term 'validity' refers to
A.accurate inferences  
D.statistical significance  

Question 7 of 40
4.0 Points
The pscyhometric term 'treatment utility' refers to:
A.the contribution to known information  
B.descriptive validity of a text  
Correct     C.contribution to improved treatment outcomes  
D.high correlations with similar instruments  

Question 8 of 40
4.0 Points
In clinical practice ___________________ interviews are used, while______________ _______interviews are used in research
A.structured; structured  
B.unstructured; structured  
C.reliable; valid  
D.semistructured; semistructured  

Question 9 of 40
4.0 Points
A problem with projective...


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