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Psyc 406 Week 8 Final Exam

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PSYC 406 Week 8 Final Exam

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PSYC 406 Week 8 Final Exam

Question 1 of 43
Limitations of the Minami et al. Forum 1 journal article called for caution in interpretation of the results.
Question 2 of 43
According to the list of psychiatric disorders provided in the DSM-IV-TR PowerPoint material, a Mood Disorder is diagnosed on:
A.Axis I
B.Axis II
C.Axis III
D.Axis IV

Question 3 of 43
The terms “adaptive” and “maladaptive” refer to:
A.statistical occurence of behaviors
B.conditions for detaining mentally ill patients
C.strict legal definitions of mental illness
D.effectiveness or ineffectivenss of a person’s behavior
Question 4 of 43
The statistical concept of psychopathology holds that:
A.frequently occurring behaviors in a society are considered normal.
B.infrequently occurring behaviors in a society are normal.
C.Western constructs of psychopathology are considered valid across cultures
D.frequently occurring behaviors in a society might be considered abnormal

Question 5 of 43
The concept that psychopathology is an abstract idea that is not scientifically constructed is known as:
A.A legal model of disease
B.social contructivism
C.Methods of balancing dysfunctional humours in the body
D.The “Harmful Dysfunction” model.

Question 6 of 43
According to Mittal and Walker (2007), neurocircuitry implicated in psychotic symptoms may be shared by:
A.circuits controlling heart rate
B.circuits controlling dyskinetic movement
C.circuits controlling hearing
D.circuits controlling speech

Question 7 of 43
The cultural dimension of psychopathology:
A.points out the variability of mental illness manifestations.
B.assumes changing brain chemistry through pharmacology as a treatment for psychopathology
C.assumes brain structure anomaly as a factor in psychopathology
D.All of the above

Question 8 of 43
According to the course...


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