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Uop Mgt 557 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Salary Negotiation Role Play

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Divide your Learning Team into two groups. One group should take the role of a job applicant; the other should take the role of the hiring manager at a company called Z-firm. Imagine that a job applicant has been offered a job as an HR officer at Z-firm. Both sides need to negotiate the starting salary. Statistical data indicates that HR officer starting salaries are around $40,000. Zfirm, however, is highly respected in its industry and receives many job applications from all over the country. That is why the applicant has decided not to state an exact salary level, but to negotiate it. Role-play the negotiation as if both sides were pursuing distributive (win–lose) negotiation. Then, switch roles and role-play the negotiation as if both sides were pursuing integrative (win–win) negotiation. Each Learning Team member should consider how best to apply power and influence principles to accomplish their side’s negotiation goals. Summarize, in no more than 2,000 words, your Learning Team’s distributive and integrative negotiations. Consider the following:
• Describe the adjustments and concessions made and the strategies and tactics used by each side
• Describe the sources of power and the application of power principles employed by each side.
• Describe how each side used central route or peripheral route influence principles to effect the negotiation outcomes.
• Evaluate the ethicality of the negotiation tactics of each side.


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