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Lab 2 Cell Structure and Cell Transport-14

Name __ carson held__________________

Introduction:   The cell is the basic unit of structure of all living organisms. The cell carries out the functions required for the organism to reproduce, protect itself, metabolize food, move, produce substances to support the entire organism. In this experiment, you will explore the cell membrane‚Äôs role in allowing materials to enter or leave the cell. This is a vital function of the cell membrane. Using the Physio Ex CD 9.0, you will be able to conduct experiments showing the important cell membrane processes of diffusion, osmosis, filtration, and active transport.   The simulations will allow you to alter conditions to show the effect of concentrations, pore size, pressure, carrier, and ATP have on movements of materials through the cell membrane.

Purpose:   To conduct experiments showing the effects of concentration, ions, and particle
                size of movement through the cell membrane.
Materials: Lab manual, PhysioEx 9.0

Procedure: Cell Transport Mechanisms and Permeability in the lab manual. You will also
                    need the PhysioEx   9.0 CD for this lab.

Read over exercise overview and introduction.   Complete the following questions from the exercise as you complete the simulation exercises.
Go to Exercise 1 Cell Transport Mechanisms and Permeability on the CD.
Follow the directions and complete each part.

Answer questions or fill in tables as you proceed through the experiment.   Place your answers in the spaces provided below. Submit your lab in Moodle.

Activity 1. Simple Diffusion

Chart 1

|Chart 1               Dialysis Results(average diffusion rate in mM/min                                                   |
|                     |                                                                                                   |
|                     |Membrane (MWC0)...


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