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Mgt 312 Week 5 Knowledge Check Study Guide

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MGT 312 Week 5 Knowledge Check Study Guide
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MGT 312 Week 5 Knowledge Check Study Guide
1. What organizational structure is a firm most likely to adopt when it has a large pool of
experts in specific job roles?
2. Identify a situation in which an organization is most likely to adopt a structure that allows
its employees freedom in decision making.
3. Lila is a neurosurgeon at the Haletrust hospital. She makes all her own decisions, without
having to consult her superiors. This is because she is an expert in her field and is an
employee the hospital cannot afford to lose. In addition, the hospital knows that Lila needs
her autonomy and independence in decision making. In this context, what organizational
structure would suit Lila best?
What is the organizational structure exclusively based on the locational differences of an
organization’s operations known as?
Mechalium Inc. is a company that is structured according to the locations of its units: in
the eastern, central, and western regions of Cetria. Zoemetra Corp., a competitor in terms
of its size, product lines, and markets is structured according to the goods and services it
offers. It has one branch, located in the northern region of Cetria. From the following
statements, identify a statement that holds true in this case.
Identify an organizational structure that leads to an organization’s culture being high on
originality and adaptability.
Javier works at an advertising agency where employees are encouraged to be innovative
and free. The company’s employees mostly work in parallel teams that are equally
involved in decision making. On the contrary, Anna works at an investment bank where all
decisions are officially made, following rigid norms of the organization’s hierarchy. The only form of communication between all employees is...


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