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Mkt 315 Wk 5 Midterm Exam

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MKT 315 WK 5 Midterm Exam
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MKT 315 WK 5 Midterm Exam

1. The selection of channel members according to the text is __________ the selection of employees.
a. almost as important as
b. as important as
c. more important than
d. of little importance compared with
e. much easier than
2. The selection of channel members:
a. Always involves basic changes in channel structure.
b. Is of most importance to vertically integrated manufacturers.
c. Is sometimes necessary even though the basic channel structure remains the same.
d. Is one of the first phases of channel design.
e. Is the same as choosing channel structure.
3. Which of the following is an incorrect statement about manufacturers and producers choosing a two-level channel structure?
a. They use a six-phase process in channel design.
b. They do not have to worry about selection of channel members.
c. It is not necessary to allocate any distribution tasks to intermediaries.
d. They do not have to make selection decisions.
e. They need to develop specific criteria to evaluate channel members.
4. The selection of channel members:
a. Cannot take place in the absence of the channel design process.
b. Is the most important phase of channel design.
c. Can occur even when channel structure is not altered.
d. Should be done at least on an annual basis.
e. Is essentially the same as the evaluation of channel members.
5. As a general rule, the higher the level of selectivity of distribution:
a. The greater the emphasis on selection.
b. The less the emphasis on selection.
c. The lower the emphasis on finding prospective channel members.
d. The fewer the criteria used in selection.
e. The more crucial the need to place products in all appropriate outlets.
6. As a general rule, the greater the intensity of distribution:
a. The less the emphasis on selection.
b. The...


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