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Pos 371 Entire Class

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POS 371 Entire Class

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POS 371 Complete Class DQs and Assignments

POS 371   Week 1 Discussion Questions
What components make up a computer language? Which components, if any, are not always required or present? Are certain components more critical to a program? If so, explain which ones and why they are more critical.
Identify the most common characteristics and elements in a computer program. Why do you believe this is the case? Explain.
Orr’s (2007) article discusses the new Microsoft® software delivery model. How will this model affect the way software is designed, built, and maintained? What special end-user considerations exist?
Flowcharts and pseudo-code are two language-independent ways to capture the programming steps needed to solve a problem. Do you believe these are useful components in the software development process? If so, where and how do they fit?
Based on McBride’s (2007) article, what personal and professional development activities should software developers pursue to become software architects? What activities is the article missing that would help with this pursuit?
Review the document on code citation and documentation guidelines and the Avoiding Plagiarism tutorial on your student website. Discuss issues of proper citation as they apply to computer programs. What are the consequences of not citing computer programs properly?

POS 371   Week 2 Mad Cow Disease
Individual Assignment: Basic Alice Programming: Mad Cow Disease Here, you learn basic Alice programming components. You create variables, worlds, characters, and objects. The assignment also teaches various motion, simple repetition, and proper object and character placement commands.
o Mad Cow Disease: Create a world with a cow (Animals) and a stretcher (Furniture). The world should start with the cow facing the stretcher. The cow should begin swishing its tail,...


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