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Hcmg730 Full Course (All Discussion, Reflections, Case Analysis and Final Assessment)

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HCMG730 full course (all discussion, reflections, case analysis and final assessment)
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Week 1 Discussion Question 1
“Because Congress passed ARRA after passing HIPAA, any conflicting provisions between the two statues will be governed by the provisions of ARRA. The two statues can be reconciled because of a provision in ARRA that states any HIPAA statutory provision or regulation remains in effect to the extent that it is consistent with AARA” (McWay, et.al., 2010, p 9).
Discuss two conflicting provision between the two laws not discussed in the book and explain how the conflict would be resolved. Include a brief explanation of ARRA and HIPAA.
Week 1 Discussion Question 2
You are the administrator of an extended care facility and you have received a summons to appear for a deposition regarding a patient slipped and fall lawsuit in your facility.
In reviewing the methods of discovery listed in Table 2.5 [page 34 of the textbook], what documents would you bring to the deposition? Also, how would you [the administrator] personally prepare for the deposition?
Weekly Reflection Week 1
Reflect on the topics discussed this week including your thoughts on the legal system and the court system of the United States.
Remember: this reflection should be a minimum of 300 words in length.
Week 2 Discussion Question 1
As discussed in the textbook, “hearsay is defined as out-of-court statements that are offered to prove the truth of the matter asserted” (McWay, et.al., 2010, p 50). Explain how “hearsay” is defined in relationship to the medical record. Be sure to include how the party seeking to admit the health record must meet the requirements of foundation and trustworthiness.
Week 2 Discussion Question 2
You have just been hired as an administrator for an urgent care clinic. You realize that there is no litigation response plan in place. What steps would you take in developing this plan...


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