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Hsop320 Full Course (All Discussion , Midterm , Final , Course Project, Week 2-7 Assignment)

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HSOP320 full course (all discussion , midterm ,final   ,course project, week 2-7 assignment)
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Week 2 assignment
Chapter 3:
1. Name the functions of the front office department along with job titles and specific responsibilities of each.
2. How are housekeeping and front desk dependent upon each other for customer satisfaction and what types of communication are used to ensure that this occurs?
Chapter 4:
1. Name the functions of the housekeeping department along with job titles and specific responsibilities of each.
2. Outline the ten areas that a guest room attendant needs to cover to properly clean each guestroom.
3. List and discuss 5 ways that might be used to control loss of linens.
Week 3 assignment
Chapter 5:
1. Describe and discuss the importance of the duties of the Director of Sales in a full service hotel.
2. Discuss why a one-stop contact is important for an association executive.
3. Discuss what is entailed in the job of a convention manager.
4. Discuss why communication is important between the sales department and other department and what type of communications occur.
Chapter 6:
1. Describe some actions or activities that might be classified as sexual harassment. What are the essential elements of a sexual harassment allegation?
2. List and discuss four state or federal laws that impact human resources in hotels today.
Week 4 assignment
Chapter 7:
1. Identify and discuss in detail three challenges and three opportunities from each of the five areas of the food and beverage departments. (hint: the easiest format is in a chart)
2. Choose three food and beverage management positions and discuss and describe three unique challenges and three managerial characteristics of each. (hint: the easiest format is in a chart)
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