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Jus520 Full Course [ All Discussions and All Assignments] Latest

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JUS520 full course [ all discussions and all assignments] Latest  
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Grand canyon JUS520 Week 1 Module 1 DQ1 & DQ2 Latest 2015DQ1

Is justice an easily defined concept? Why or why not?
DQ 2
What exactly is justice? Is justice a value or a principle? Is it personal or is it a societal goal?

Grand canyon JUS520 Week 2 Module 2 DQ1 & DQ2 Latest 2015

DQ 1
Restorative justice programs in the United States that have demonstrably succeeded are largely within juvenile justice systems. What is it about juvenile justice models that afford restorative justice programs the best chance to succeed? Support your answer with examples where appropriate.

DQ 2
Are the success stories of restorative justice in juvenile programs accurate in being defined as successful, or is success being claimed to support other social and political agendas? Why or why not? Provide examples where appropriate.

Grand canyon JUS520 Week 3 Module 3 DQ1 & DQ2 Latest 2015
DQ 1

Has the traditional model of criminal punishment failed in the United States? Why or why not? Would an even more traditional system deter crime, or is deterrence no longer a significant aspect of addressing crime in the United States? Provide examples
DQ 2
The construction of new federal penitentiaries continues. Is the construction of new high security prisons vital to the ongoing interests of justice in the United States? Why or why not? Do we have too few, too many, or just enough prison beds in the United States?

Grand canyon JUS520 Week 4 Module 4 DQ1 & DQ2 Latest 2015
DQ 1
Given the unique nature and quality of life on a Native American tribal reservation, justify why restorative justice can work in a tribal community. Do the lack of cohesion and the presence, in varying degrees, of chaos prevent restorative justice from working effectively? Does the short term versus the long term impact success? Why or why not.


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