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Jus524 Full Course Latest [ All Discussion and Week 2,4,5,7,and 8 Assignment ]

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JUS524 full course latest [ all discussion and week 2,4,5,7,and 8 assignment ]
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Grand canyon JUS524n Week 1 Module 1 & 2 Latest 2015
DQ 1

Access and review the Anytown, USA simulation. Explain the difficulties law enforcement officials would encounter when dealing with possible terrorist attacks on this city.


Discuss the purposes of terrorism presented in the textbook. Explain if the ends of a terrorist attack can ever justify the means of modern terrorism.

Grand canyon JUS524n Week 2 Module 2 DQ1 & DQ2 Latest 2015

What are the differences between social versus political motivations for terrorism? Support your answer with examples.

DQ2According to the textbook, list some of the characteristics of left-wing and right-wing terrorist groups in the United States. How do they choose their targets? How are these groups a terrorist threat to the United States?

Grand canyon JUS524n Week 3 Module 3 DQ1 & DQ2 Latest 2015DQ1

Would terrorism as it exists today be a force of fear and intimidation if there were not the capacity for global communications and media? Explain your answer.
Does censorship have a legitimate role and purpose in preventing or suppressing terrorism? Why or why not?

Grand canyon JUS524 Week 4 Module 4 DQ1 & DQ2 Latest 2015

Access and view the Anytown, USA simulation. After gathering data from the simulation, how would you utilize the information to make a proper analysis of the city? How would you conduct further research to draft your analysis?
After reading chapters 4 and 5 in the textbook and viewing "Attack on 9/11," explain some intelligence failures leading up to the attacks on September 11, 2001. What changes to intelligence gathering have occurred since the attacks? Explain how careful scrutiny of al-Qaeda's attack history and ideology could have provided warning to the United States prior to...


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