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Mktg440 Full Course Latest 2015 [ All Discuson , Research Papers, Full Course Project Quiz 1,3,4,5,6,7 and No Final

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mktg440 full course latest 2015 [ all discuson ,research papers, full course project quiz 1,3,4,5,6,7 and no final
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week 1

Evolution of the Marketing Concept (graded)
Is a belief that human ingenuity, technological innovation, and efficient markets will eventually combine to overcome the sustainability challenges outlined in this chapter defensible or misplaced?

diss 2

Framing Sustainability Marketing (graded)
Define corporate social responsibility (CSR). What is the link between CSR and sustainability marketing?

week 2

Understanding Sust. Consumer Behavior (graded)
Why might it be challenging for a consumer with deep concerns about social and environmental issues to live a more sustainable lifestyle within the consumer society?

Harnessing Cons. Behavior Sustainability (graded)
What are the advantages and disadvantages of formulating specific and measurable objectives in sustainability marketing?

week 3

Objectives of Sustainability Marketing (graded)
When should a sustainable approach to marketing strategy that requires relationships with key stakeholders be reconsidered?

Values of Sustainability Marketing (graded)
Why is the ecological question also a social question of resource equity in a world with limited resources? Discuss.

week 4

Sustainable Products and Services (graded)
How would a firm define sustainable products and services?

diss 2

Characteristics of Products and Services (graded)
What steps could a company take to transform its approach to marketing communications from conventional promotion to the open and interactive dialogue at the heart of sustainable marketing communications?

week 5

Sustainable Marketing Strategy (graded)
Is advertising an appropriate medium for sustainable marketing campaigns, or do the limits of the medium doom almost all ad...


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