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Allied Psy308 Full Course [ All Discussions All Homework and All Modules Check Understandings] Latest 2015

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allied psy308 full course [ all discussions all homework and all modules check understandings] latest 2015
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module 1

Welcome everyone.
As you prepare your discussion question responses throughout the course, I encourage you to interject your thoughts about how these concepts can be applied in 'real life'. Perhaps you have witnessed the application or perhaps you have a question that can foster pondering. Any of these are examples of higher level thinking and will add depth to our discussions. smile.

mod 2

As we consider the role of our communities on our thought processes we enter an interesting area of discussion. As 'outsiders' of a community we may often consider the values or 'lack of our values' as indicators of dysfunction or unhealthy thought processes. However, if the family or individual is comfortable in their circumstance .....yet we find ti difficult to accept. Is there a problem or is it a cultural issue? How can we determine when it is our responsibility to assist others and when it is our responsibility to allow other's their choices? ( A difficult question, with little clear guidelines, yet full of opportunities for critical thinking. smile)

mod 3

Hello everyone,

How do you think our 'jobs' influence our definition of self? If we are in a job that we do not care for.....how can we protect and nurture our self concept?

week 4

Posted by Cindy Fouhy at 04/26/13 12:05 PM
Welcome to Module 4. Please answer each of the following.
What are attitudes? Explain the foundation and differences of our cognitive, affective and behavioral based attitudes. Provide an example of each.

mod 5

Hello everyone,
What do you consider to be the key components of a healthy and strong social relationship?
What factors influence if a relationship will be short or long term?
Any thoughts?

mod 6
Hello everyone,
The concept of 'paying it...


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