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Spch277 Full Course Project Letast [ All Weeks ]

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SPCH277 full Course Project Letast   [ all weeks ]
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Select a relevant interpersonal communication behavior to work on; attempt to change your behavior or pattern in the communication area you selected, and evaluate your progress and performance.
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Before you can begin this communication change project, you will need to select a relevant interpersonal communication behavior to work on. One word of advice: spend some time choosing your goal. Since you will be devoting significant time and energy to this particular project, and since it is such a rare opportunity to spend your time working on self-improvement, it is worth taking some extra time to choose a behavior that is particularly significant to you and worth this much attention. You will also find it easier to stay committed to the project over time if you are invested in the desired outcome.
We all have communication strengths and weaknesses that have a profound impact on our interpersonal relations with others. The way that we communicate is often the result of behavioral habits and patterns that we form over time vs. conscious decisions that we make as a result of a given set of circumstances. The communication behaviors that we develop, whether positive or negative, are indicative of what is often referred to as our communication style. In fact, our communication style is as much a part of us as the way we walk or the rate of our breathing.
Because the way that we communicate has been developed over a lifetime, changing the way we communicate is not easy and requires commitment. Changing the way we communicate is entirely possible however, and the results of such a change can be profound.
The following outline presents a method for making such a communication change. In short:
• First, analyze your communication behaviors and patterns.
• Second, identify a specific...


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