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Econ 545 Week 6 Quiz

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ECON 545 Week 6 Quiz
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1) (TCO F) The size of the labor force in a community is 800, and 720 of these folks are gainfully employed. In this community, 200 people over the age of 16 do not have a job and are not looking for work. In addition, 100 people in the community are under the age of 16. The unemployment rate is ______.
2) (TCO F) Suppose nominal GDP in 2005 was $12 trillion, and in 2006 it was $15 trillion. The general price index in 2005 was 100, and in 2006 it was 102.   Between 2005 and 2006, real GDP rose by what percent?
3) (TCO F) The consumer price index was 190.7 in January of 2005, and it was 198.3 in January of 2006. Therefore, the rate of inflation in 2005 was about ______.
4) (TCO E) (10 points) As the U.S. dollar appreciates in value relative to the Japanese Yen, what happens to the price of U.S. goods in Japan?   What happens to the price of Japanese goods in the U.S.?
(10 points) Why would a country (for example China) choose to keep their currency relatively pegged to the U.S. dollar?   If the U.S. dollar were to appreciate considerably against most currencies, what would be the effect on Chinese exports to countries other than the U.S.?
5) TCO E) Suppose the Canadian dollar (C$) price of one British pound is C$2.12. A hotel room in London costs 120 pounds, while a similar hotel room in Toronto costs C$250. In which city is the hotel room cheaper, and by how much?
6) (TCO E) Answer the next question on the basis of the following production possibilities data for
7) (TCO F) The Republic of Republic produces two goods/services, fish (F) and chips (C). In 2006, the 200 units of F produced sold for $3 per unit and the 500 units of C produced sold for $1 per unit. In 2007, the 300 units of F produced sold for $4 per unit, and the 600 units of C produced sold for $2 per unit. Calculate Real GDP for 2007, assuming that 2006 is the base year.
8) (TCO F) Country...


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