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Nr281 Pathophysiology I Altered Cell Biology Case Study

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NR281 Pathophysiology I Altered Cell Biology Case Study
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Download the Altered Cell Biology Case Study Answer Sheet.docx from Doc Sharing.
Using your text and other sources as needed, answer the following questions on the answer sheet. Cite
your sources and add a reference list at the end of your answers. Upload to the Dropbox by the due date
specified on your course calendar.
NOTE: You may not copy/paste from the textbook or internet sources. Short quotes may be used if
cited correctly. This paper, as are all CCN assignments, is subject to the rules of academic integrity and
may be submitted to Turnitin.com for similarity checking. See Policies in the course shell or Student

Case Study (95 points possible)
Sandra Li is a 45 year old Radiation Therapy technician went to her doctor’s office stating she saw blood
in her stool twice this week and thinks she has hemorrhoids. She also complains of fatigue and 10
weight loss in the last 3 months because she just didn’t feel like eating. Even after the weight loss, she is
still 35 pounds over her ideal weight for her height.

Selected Data Obtained From Nursing Assessment

She is a second generation Japanese American Worked for 8 years preparing the radioisotopes for injection during CT scans before she moved to the Radiation Therapy department. She was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes which is being controlled with oral medications. She states she understands the need for exercise, both to lose weight and control her blood sugar. However, she feels too tired after work and admits both she and her husband are “couch potatoes.” She asked with a grin, “Does playing video games count as playing a
Denies smoking, but her husband smokes 2 packs per day Much to her parents’ dismay, Sandra has adopted a western diet and states she is “addicted to McDonalds”...


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