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Nur502 Full Course Latest 2015 [ All Week Discussion and All Assignments ']

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NUR502 full course latest 2015 [ All Week Discussion and all assignments ']
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NUR502 All Weeks Discussions Latest
NUR502 Week 1 Discussion DQ1 & DQ 2 Latest 2015
DQ 1
What comparisons can be found between the GCU Mission and Domains/CON Mission and Program Competencies (for your selected specialty track, links located in the Course Materials) with the AACN's Essentials for Master's Education for Advanced Practice Nursing (link located in the Week 1 Topic Materials)? Explain your rational.
DQ 2
Name one recommendation from the IOM Future of Nursing Report. What is its importance relative to Advanced Practice Nursing? Support your answer.

  NUR502 Week 2 Discussion DQ1 & DQ 2 Latest 2015
DQ 1
Discuss several aspects of professional communication as it relates to the use of language in terms of form (e.g., clarity, accuracy) and content (culture and/or ethics). Cite the references you used to compose your response (from required readings).
DQ 2
What is the role of the Advanced Professional Nurse in creating an ethical practice environment? Respond to this question, based on your selected APN role.

Grand Canyon NUR502 Week 3 Discussion DQ1 & DQ 2 Latest 2015
DQ 1
Discuss the value of nursing theory to the profession of nursing. Identify one way in which you could use nursing theory to improve your practice (present or future role). Provide a reference for your response.
DQ 2
Read the AACN documents for essentials of baccalaureate versus master's education and identify the competencies that reflect use of theory and knowledge. Compare and contrast the competencies for baccalaureate and master's level.

Grand Canyon NUR502 Week 4 Discussion DQ1 & DQ 2 Latest 2015
DQ 1
Explain, in your own words, the difference between the three paradigms: human needs,...


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