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Devry Bis 155 Week 2 Quiz Data Analysis with Spreadsheets with Lab

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(TCO 2) In Excel, a relative cell reference: (Points : 2)
Indicates a cell’s specific location and the reference does not change when you copy the formula.
Contains both an absolute and a relative cell reference
Indicates a cell’s relative location from the cell containing the formula; the reference changes when you copy the formula
Occurs when a formula directly or indirectly refers to the cell containing the formula
(TCO 2) In Excel, an Argument would be best described by which of the following statements? (Points : 2)
Calculates the total of values contained in two or more cells.
Displays a list of functions and defined names as you enter a function.
Is an input, such as a cell reference or a value needed to complete a function.
Is a small pop-up description that displays the results of the cell.
(TCO 2) The MIN function would identify the _____. (Points : 2)
The highest value in a range.
Tallies the number of blank cells in a range.
The lowest value in a range.
The midpoint value in a range
(TCO 2) The NOW function would perform which of the following? (Points : 2)
(TCO 2) To copy a formula, you may use the _____, which is found in the bottom right-hand corner of an active cell. (Points : 2)
The periodic interest rate, such as a monthly interest rate.
Calculates the periodic payment for a loan with a fixed interest rate and fixed term.
Looks up a value in a lookup table where the first column contains the values to compare with the lookup value.
Looks up a value in a lookup table in which the first row contains the values to compare with the lookup value.
(TCO 2) One benefit of using range names in formulas is that _____ . (Points : 2)
A cell reference
A function
A formula
A range name
(TCO 2) The PMT...


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