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Edu 671 Week 5 Assignment Sample Action Research Report Evaluation

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EDU 671 Week 5 Assignment Sample Action Research Report Evaluation

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Sample Action Research Report Evaluation. Due by Day 7. The purpose of this assignment is for you to review a FINISHED action research report showing the entire planning process and allowing you to put together visibly, what a finished action research proposal consists of including the planning stage you are responsible for in this course as well as the results portion of the report for which you will be responsible for in EDU675 (MAED students). Having this exposure to a finished report should help you make connections with what you’ve been planning as well as what you will be actually implementing through your proposed intervention/innovation once you begin EDU675.
According to Mills (2014), “To evaluate a research study competently, you must have knowledge of each component of the research process” (p. 215). For this assignment, you will consider all that you have learned and practiced up to this point in our course and apply criteria for evaluating action research to the following: Sample Action Research Report 1: Effect of Technology in Enthusiasm for Learning Science. Finally, you will include a self-reflection. Note that it is acceptable to write in the first-person voice in the reflection.
The assignment needs to include the following areas of content.
• Area of Focus (1 point): Describe the area of focus and whether it involves teaching and learning.
Include support from the literature where appropriate.
• Research Questions (.5 points): List the research questions and discuss whether the researcher states questions that were answerable given the researcher’s expertise, time, and resources.
• Locus of Control (1 point): Discuss the locus of control and whether the area of focus was within the researcher’s locus of control.
• Data Collection (1 point): Describe the data collection...


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