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Hos 300 Globalization Written Assessment

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HOS 300 Globalization Written Assessment

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Weighting:   30% Due: Week 9 during the LECTURE   Word count:   2000 words Writing style:   informal, business style writing with a medium register Structure of paper: Your article should include the following using a magazine format with two columns on a 7 A4 page spread: (7 A4 pages from intro to ref list -   NOT including the cover page or ICMS page)  
1. Original industry magazine cover:
• Make up your own industry magazine name
2. Headline:
• Highlights the main idea
• Short and eye-catching
• Provocative and appealing
3. Introduction:
• Background information
• Invite the reader to take your side
• Make a controversial statement suited to your perspective
4. Body:
• Clear positive effects analysed
• Informative, entertaining and persuasive using this one perspective  
• Clear implications of globalisation issues
• Relevant use of sub-headings
• Reliable and valid inclusion of referenced facts and statistics
• Clear analytical and predictive secondary research
• Good quality, reliable, credible and current sources
• Opinions from eye witness/es
• Relevant personal viewpoints
• Clear tone and attitude of the writer
• Appropriate anecdotes and stories
• Useful photographs, tables, diagrams and graphs
5. Conclusion:
• Suggests an appropriate course of action
• Lasting impression
6. References (format):
• In text referencing
• Full Style Guide APA 2014 list
You must print the article BACK to BACK, i.e. on BOTH sides, when you submit it.
You must write a 2000 word Feature Article suitable for a global industry magazine.
A feature article appears in a newspaper or magazine. They are detailed pieces of writing which explore a range of issues, opinions, experiences and ideas.
The purpose of a feature article will vary depending on the media it is meant for. Feature articles...


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