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Bis 261 Week 4 Quiz

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BIS 261 Week 4 Quiz
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1. (TCO 1) A facilitator uses knowledge of _____ to formulate and deliver the needed structure for effective meeting interactions.
2. (TCO 1) The primary focus of the facilitator's role is on:
3. (TCO 1) A key difference between a team and a group is that:
4. (TCO 1) A well-facilitated team meeting is generally:
5. (TCO 1) The content of a meeting refers to:
6. (TCO 1) Typical elements included in a charter or purpose statement are:
7. (TCO 1) The agenda defines:
8. (TCO 1) At the beginning of a meeting, the facilitator should
9. (TCO 1) A process intervention is:
10. (TCO 1) If Alice is the only member who is interrupting or starting side conversations while Bob is presenting, the recommended intervention is to:
Part 2:
1. (TCO 1) If the group discussion tends to veer away from the main agenda items into talking about less important side issues, the first recommended intervention is to:
2. (TCO 1) If Alice begins to recount a familiar personal "war story" that everyone has heard before, the first recommended intervention is to:
3. (TCO 1) A facilitator should, as a last resort, invite a group member to bow out of a meeting when:
4. (TCO 1) One recommended facilitation strategy to encourage members to return from breaks on time is to:
5. (TCO 1) A recorder or scribe who keeps track of running memory using a computer-based tool is sometimes called:
6.(TCO 1) One of the purposes of keeping a running memory during a meeting is to:
7. (TCO 1) When writing down the current issue for group discussion on a flip chart or whiteboard, the facilitator should
8. (TCO 1) When someone in a meeting says, "We ought to do X", the facilitator should:
9. (TCO 1) As part of a meeting evaluation form or an end-of-meeting discussion, a facilitator should ask group members for:
10. (TCO 1) Attributes of an effective facilitator include:


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