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Eng3104 Assignment3

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ENG3104 Assignment3

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Assessment:   Assignment   3
Due:                 2015
Marks:             300

1     (worth 40   marks)

1.1     Introduction

To assess how useful the wind power could be as an energy source, use the file ass2data.xls to calculate   the total   energy available   in the wind for each year of data.

1.2     Requirements

For this assessment item, you must   produce   MATLAB   code which:

1.   Calculates   the total   energy for each of the years.

2.   Reports   to the Command   Window the energy for each year.

3.   Briefly discusses whether   there   is any trend   in the results   for annual   energy production.

4.   Has appropriate comments   throughout.

You must   also calculate   the   total   energy   for the   first   four hours   of power   data   (i.e.   over the   first   five data   entries)   by   hand   to   verify   your   code;   submit   this   working   in   a   pdf   file. Your MATLAB   code must   test   (verify)   whether   the   computed   value of energy is the   same as calculated   by hand.

1.3     Assessment Criteria

Your code will be assessed using the following scheme.   Note that you are marked   based on how well you perform for each category,   so the correct answer determined in a basic way will receive half marks   and the correct   answer determined using an excellent method/code will receive full marks.

Quality   of the code 5 marks
Quality   of header(s)   and comments 5 marks
Quality   of calculation   of the energy for each year 15 marks
Quality   of reporting 5 marks
Quality   of discussion 5 marks
Quality   of verification   based on hand   calculations 5 marks

2     (worth 65   marks)

2.1     Introduction

For the   wind turbines   to operate   effectively, they   must   turn   to face into   the   wind.   This could create large stresses in the structure if the wind changes direction   quickly while the wind speed is high.   You are to assess if...


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