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Mis672 Final Exam

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MIS672 Final Exam

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Final Examination

1. E-commerce can be defined as:                                 -
a.     the use of the Internet and the Web to transact business.
b.     the digital enablement of transactions and processes within a firm.
c. digitally enabled commercial transactions between and among organizations and individuals. d.     both (a) and (c).

2. The following are all unique features of e-commerce technology:
a.     interactivity, global reach, information asymmetry, personalization/customization. b.     universal standards, richness, information density, interactivity.
c.     information density, universal standards, personalization/customization, sales force-driven. d.     local/regional reach, interactivity, richness, personalization/customization.

3. Disintermediation refers to:
a.     new opportunities for middlemen to aggregate content, products and services.
b. the disappearance of market middlemen and the destruction of traditional distribution channels. c. hyper-competition.
d.     the fact that when everyone uses the same tool or product, all participants receive more value.

4. In addition to the Internet and the World Wide Web, which of the following technologies is integral to understanding e-commerce?
a.     Client/server computing b.     Wireless computing
c.     Peer-to-peer computing d.     Mainframe computing

5. Today, the portal business model is to:_
a.     serve solely as a gateway to the Internet. b.     be a destination site.
c.     provide an integrated package of content and services all in one place. d. both (b) and (c).

6. A/An                         is a company that offers access to Internet-based software applications to other companies.
a.     market creator b.     ASP
c.     exchange
d.     portal

7. The global scale of the Internet impacts the business environment in all of the following ways except:__
a.     it...


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