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Com 321 Final Exam

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Chapter 1 Test Questions

1. Aristotle was a student of which Greek philosopher?

2.           The rise of rhetoric and a well known model of communication can be traced to which  

3. The emphasis on the importance of understanding the experiences and motivations of individual receivers can be identified in which period?    

4.Who believed that people communicate through natural and conventional signs?

5. All of the following are true regarding Aristotle, EXCEPT:

6. Each of the following is a canon of rhetoric, EXCEPT:    

7.Francis Bacon's idea that "most of us are, by nature, careless thinkers often ruled by emotion," is an Idol of the__________.   Your

8. The four paths of rhetoric including the classical approach, psychological/epistemological approach, belletristic approach, and elocutionary approach can be traced to the   ____. Correct

9.Rhetoricians who took a belletristic view were interested in

10.The vigorous style was based on   ________Correct  

Multiple Choice.
1. Communication has been a subject of systematic study for

2. The formal study of communication began in

3. In ancient Greece, the study of communication was known as

4. The Lyceum was founded by

5. Pathos is

6. Ethos is

7. Logos is

8. The classical period in the history of rhetoric lasted

9. The canons of rhetoric were

10. The canons of rhetoric were written in which period?

11. Bellestristic rhetoric flourished in which period?

12. In which period were letter writing and preaching the core communication activities studied by

13. In which period did communication study expanded to include interpersonal and group as well as

14. In which period were Bacon and Campbell major figures?

15. In which period was Erasmus a major figure?

16. In which period were...


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