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Cmst 301: Digital Media and Society Final Exam

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CMST 301: Digital Media and Society FINAL EXAM

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This is a take home final exam. The exam consists of 7 essay questions. You may
use the information from our online course, on the web, or other sources to
answer the questions. All answers must be in your own words and in APA or MLA
format. Each essay question should have cited sources at the end of your essay
response. Type your responses directly into the assignment test area below each
This exam is worth 100 points and accounts for 20% of your final grade.
Submitting Exam
Exam must be saved as first initial, last name, underscore finalexam (ex.

CMST 301: Digital Media and Society
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February 2016
Essay Questions: 20 points each (Essay responses must be 200-400 words, this
does not include quoted material.)
1. Compare and contrast a specific company’s advertisement from 20-30
years ago with today. What has changed? How has digital media impacted
their advertising? Include URL of advertisements.
2. Research a current event (news or political) and give a summary and
analysis of digital media’s impact. Event must be recent (no later than
January 2016)

3. Choose one of the TED Talks that was assigned in the “Read/Watch”
section each week. What was significant about this video? Give an
example that supports the information discussed in the video. In your
opinion, what impact could the information discussed have on society?
Essay Questions: 10 points each (Essay responses must be 100-200 words, this
does not include quoted material.)

1. Week 2 covered Communication Theory and content delivery. Provide an
example of a company, individual or organization that has successfully used
digital media for communication. Explain why they were successful and
what they effectively communicated. Include an example...


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