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Going to Work with a Migraine

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Going to work with a Migraine
For the most part I enjoy my job and going to work but every so often I get a feeling that I just don’t want to go to work and please can I just call in sick kind of day.   This is due to the constant migraines that I am plagued with.   However I find that keeping to a schedule makes getting to work every day a little bit easier.
Every workday I get up at 5:30 and go thru my morning routine until it’s time to walk out the door at 6:30.   Even on my worse days I try to keep to the 6:30 structure because I know if I don’t leave by this time, I won’t make it to work by 7:30 and I despise being late.
So what motivates me to not give in once the clock hits 6:30, my head is throbbing, my eyes are squinting from the light while there are grey floating squiggles in my vision and every movement makes my stomach feel as though I just got off the Screamin Eagle at Six Flags?   It’s simple really, I evaluate all the reasons I could stay home like am I going to be able to tolerate the lighting in the office?   Is the noise level going to hurt my head more than it already does?   Am I going to be able to read the computer monitor?   Then I think of all the work that I have to do that day and ask myself is this a deadline day? Is this something that can be pushed off until tomorrow?   Most of the time I force myself to get up, take my medicine and go to work all because I don’t want my boss to have to fill in when he has his own work load to deal with.
Regardless of the migraine that is plaguing me, I have a job to do and if I missed every day that I have a migraine, I might as well not have a job.   And, if I don’t have a job then I wouldn’t have a home, a car or anything else.


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