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| 2016 |
| Beihang University

[Information SystemS Management 2] |

Case Study question Question 1 :

Benefits resulting from implementing technologies for hospital, insurance companies, doctors and patients are :
-Improving health will have direct consequences about   insurances companies. They will insure more people and could cover more sickness if cost of health are decreasing. So more sickness could be cover by insurance, and   life time could be more long. Or if insurance get a bad used   information they can insure people who want to be insure, so they couldn't make profit from it.
-Electronic medical, analysis tools permit to   personalize treating approach of patients and find tuning medicine and other solution to the results of patient consultation.
-Permit to pay attention of different factors to choice patients who need to be priorities than other patients. For example for the H1N1 vaccine because they are older, they are in a critical step of sicknesses, they have difficulties to breath. Also patients now know that vaccine is available for us and when.
-Big data sharing is interesting when there is more and more information
-Tools who help doctors to adapt their decisions, choose right test to the patients, to have patients under control with distance . Helping doctors make better treatment choices and arrives at more accurate diagnoses is a big growing area of personalized medicine. For example to the cancer, technologies develop tolls to get more personalized cancer treatments and get them into doctors hands faster.
-The study aims it's help doctor how decide which tests to use, and in which situations doctor are most likely to prescribe the wrong test for a given set of symptoms.
-Software can help to identify the best candidates to participate in trials or experimental treatments.
-Technologies cut out about 5% of tests which are unnecessary or inappropriate.
-Classified millions diseases   and evaluate who...


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