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Ged 155 English Exam Unit 1

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GED 155 English Exam Unit 1


Unit 1 Examination GED155 English

Multiple Choice Questions (Enter your answers on the enclosed answer sheet)

1) A person empowered to witness signatures is a

1. a) notary public
2. b) fiscal
3. c) programmer
4. d) vendor

2) A beneficiary is someone

1. a) who sells in a bear market
2. b) with a lapsed policy
3. c) declared insolvent by the court
4. d) who receives benefits from an insurance policy, a will, etc.

3) A request for supplies is called a(n)

1. a) requisition
2. b) annual report
3. c) ream
4. d) itinerary

4) A specified amount of money not subject to taxation is a(n)

1. a) lien
2. b) exemption
3. c) royalty
4. d) per capita

5) Mr. Smith’s secretary prepared a detailed ________ of the trip.

1. a) itinerary
2. b) itinary

6) Liquidating a business is
1. a) similar to fluctuation
2. b) using direct mail for sales
3. c) buying a water cooler for the employees
4. d) none of the above

Unit 1 Examination GED155 English

7) The plaintiff gave the attorney an

1. a) affidavid
2. b) affidavit

8) Payment to a stockholder of a share of the profit is a

1. a) bull market
2. b) bear market
3. c) monopoly
4. d) dividend

9) Which of the following indicates a daily expense?

1. a) per diem
2. b) per daily
3. c) per annum
4. d) per capita

10) ________ calculator is not in ________ proper place?

1. a) Whose; it’s
2. b) Who’s; it’s
3. c) Who’s; its
4. d) Whose; its

11) We are unable to ________ any more information from the ________ of Public School

1. a) elicit; principal
2. b) illicit; principal
3. c) illicit; principle
4. d) elicit; principle

12) Your ________ is better ________ that of the other artists.

1. a) perspective; then
2. b) prospective; than
3. c) perspective; than
4. d) prospective; then

Unit 1 Examination GED155...


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