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Mgmt592 Full Course All Discussion Full Course Project and Final Latest

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MGMT592 full course   all discussion full course project and final   Latest

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  MGMT592 Week 1 Discussion Latest  
CH. 1 & 2 (graded)
Welcome to week 1. To encourage knowledge sharing and collaboration, you are free to be selective in which question you choose to answer and respond to. The main goal is to encourage knowledge sharing and engagement.To prevent confusion and ensure we are all on the same page:
1.Cut & paste the question in your response!
2. In the subject line identify the name of the person you're addressing (i.e., Hi Class...Response to Jill...Response to John)
3. DO NOT define the terms or regurgitate the book material. Use your own words to apply real life experience to your examples.
4. Pls note, it is your direct responsibility to thoroughly read the chapter material.
DAY ONE:Post #1: Select ONE question and answer it. Identify the question # in the subject line.No two people can share the same question.Post #2: Respond to a fellow classmate with depth and example.
DAY TWO:Respond to TWO classmates on their selected question with depth and example.
DAY THREE:Respond to TWO classmates on their selected question with depth and example.
Acceptable:Posting on a Friday to a fellow classmate(s) only.
Not Acceptable:Answering a topic question on a Friday for the first time.Zero credit given.
Not Acceptable:Answering a topic question for the first time and responding to fellow classmates on a Saturday.Zero credit given.

PROPER WAY TO CITE A SOURCE:Keep this APA writing style structure in mind when citing electronic sources here in the discussion area and in your papers. Providing only a link is incorrect and not graduate skill level. REFERENCE:Matthews, Christopher (7/15/13).Best Buy’s Unlikely Return From the Dead. Retrieved 1/3/16...


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