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Terrorism means the threat or use of force against civilians or armed forces for the political or
personal interest. Terrorism has become one of the most dangerous forms of international
crimes. Terrorists attack the civilian population to create terror or general harassment in society.
They resort to bombing, killing, hijacking and large scale destruction of property. A large number
of innocent civilians have been killed in these savage attacks. A wave of terror and insecurity
has travelled around the globe. People are wonder-struck and terrified at the cruel activities of
terrorists in spite of great measures of security and defense.
Terrorism is the most horrible threat of today. The main motive of international terrorism is to
weaken a country politically, socially, economically and administratively. Though much effort is in
progress to eliminate terrorism from society but it cannot be rooted out unless some international
laws of justice are devised.
As a wise man said:
“Whenever and wherever, there is injustice,
terrorism cannot be eradicated.”
Narrow mindedness, fanaticism, fundamentalism, intolerance and religious extremism are
considered the main causes of terrorism politics and religious extremists do not tolerate their
opponents and try to eliminate them. While some culprits do it for temptations of money. It is
also a fact that some intelligence agencies cause terrorism in enemy countries to destabilize
Edward Cribbon said:
“Fanaticism obliterates the feeling of humanity.”
Recent hijacking of American passenger airlines and crashing them against the towers of the
World Trade Centre in New York, and pentagon in Washington is probably the worst incident of
terrorism in the worlds. Americans want to punish some individuals and countries whom they
blame for terrorist activities in various parts of the world. Usama Bin Ladin and some specific
countries are their...


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