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Libs 150 Quiz 1

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LIBS 150 Quiz 1

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1.What are the Checklists?   Where are they located and why would you use them?

2.   If you have a question about the class and do not care whether or not anyone else in the class reads it, where would you normally post it?

3.   If you had a private question, that you did not want anyone else to read, where would you post it?  

4. Most of our activities and assignments have midnight deadlines at the end of the week.   However, the deadline for the Final Exam is different.   What is the deadline for taking the Final Exam? (please give the date and the time of day)

5.   Most of the weekly Discussions have midnight deadlines at the end of the week.   However, what is the deadline for posting in the last Discussion in our class?

6. There are two Research Log Projects in the course.   What are the deadlines for each one of them?

7.   Are you allowed to submit work early or late?

8. How many points is each quiz worth?

9.   Where can you find a single list of every assignment and every deadline for the course, all listed together?    

10. Why should you read every news announcement in our classroom as soon as it is posted, or shortly thereafter?

11. Where can you find detailed step-by-step instructions for each one of the Research Log Projects?

12.   When you have technical problems in the classroom, who should you contact for assistance before letting me know?


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