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Sisters with Nothing in Common

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Sisters with Nothing in Common
Most siblings that I know have so many things in common, whether they share a sport, a favorite television show, or even a favorite food. Most siblings that my sister and I are friends with share more similarities than differences and we always thought we were the same way. My sister and I couldn’t be more wrong. My sister and I are more different than we are the same. There are many aspects in which we vary. Some of these aspects include, but aren’t limited to, our passion (or lack of passion) for music, what we consider good music and mostly our personalities.
Although music is somewhat shared, music to me is my passion whereas music is just one of her hobbies.   I love music more than anything in this world, maybe even more than spaghetti which is my favorite! Music is as important as family. I firmly believe in the saying “When words fail, music speaks.” Music for me is the equivalent to all the presents children get every Christmas combined. It brings me joy like a newly expectant mother. I enjoy creating stories with the keys of a piano. It acts as an outlet of everything I’m too insecure to show both physically and emotionally.
Music is my sanity. When I was 14, I lost my older sister Odyssey, a week after we celebrated her 15th birthday, to cancer. I was distraught and full of rage. I was mad at the world. My heart had been ripped from my chest that day and everyday that followed was as if I was losing more of my organs and I could feel every excruciating moment of it. Every day I felt like I was losing more and more of myself and as a result of that I often had mood swings as if I were the highest level of bipolar. My life was over and my sanity was gone. My passion for music took the place of the pain, turning pain into my own beautiful language of expression. It bothers me deeply when I even think about not being able to play music. Music consumes me. I can barely sleep at night because...


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