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Brenda collazo



April 4, 2016                                   Annotated bibliography

          Elms, chris . September 11,2013   Should sports be banned in schools?


The district thinks cutting off sports is the only way the student can focus on academics.

Students think they shouldn't because how are they gonna get looked at from other colleges .They might even cut of physical education bu i mean in my personal opinion is that we need to exercise to keep us healthy . Sports are actually fun for me and most of the students.

          Almond, Steve October 15 2015 should we ban sports in high schools?


Sports help student build discipline and teamwork . i think it makes you more friends and helps you be confident and not shy .Also helps you with fundamentals and keeps you busy so you don't have to be sitting at home .It also keeps you away from trouble and also can help with the community.

01/23/2012 no name


They cut sports because they want to save money for the teaching and for the two semesters they are going to save $150,000 over two semesters.Parents and critics are worried that the elimination of athletics will decrease students’ opportunities for physical activity and increase chances for bad behavior. Some say that the loss of sports could further demotivate students to go to school. For my opinion i think they won't like going to school because they don't have sports and will probably transfer schools .


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